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On Property

Our hotels are the heart of our company. If you have a passion for delivering unique experiences, and a knack for knowing what people want before they know they want it, we want to hear from you.
With opportunities to work in both full- and limited-service in such locales as Huntington Beach, Napa Valley, and New Orleans, we’ll be able to match your goals and skills with a multitude of roles.

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If our hotels are the heart of our company, our corporate office is the soul. At corporate, we dream up new ways of delivering the best ways to surpass expectations, and provide the strategies for making it happen.
Opportunities abound in roles like Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Public Relations, Revenue Management, and Marketing.

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For exceptional students with a demonstrated interest in hospitality, we have a host of offerings, including an Internship and a Manager in Training Program. We also offer seasonal and part-time roles, for those who want a full work experience while taking part in studies at school.

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