The Culture and Values of PHG

The Foundation Behind Our Premier Hotel & Resort Management Company




Enrich peoples’ lives by offering unique experiences and giving back to the communities where we live and work.  



  • Integrity: Act with integrity, for which courage is the foundation. Keep your word.
  • Compliance: Strive for 100% compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations. It’s everyone’s responsibility. Stop, think, and ask if you are uncertain.
  • Value Creation: Create long term value by applying MBM to achieve superior results. Make better decisions, eliminate waste, optimize every opportunity, be innovative and always be safe.
  • Principled Entrepreneurship: Think like an owner – apply the judgement, initiative, responsibility, financial and analytical skills, and sense of urgency necessary to generate the greatest contribution.
  • Customer Focus: Understand and develop relationships with customers to anticipate, deliver and exceed their expectations.
  • Knowledge: Share and seek knowledge. Embrace a respectful challenge process. Develop best practices that lead to profitable results.
  • Change: Anticipate, expect, and embrace change. Continuously ask “Is there a better way?” Envision what could be. Challenge the status quo.
  • Humility: Be humble, honest and self-aware. Hold people accountable, have tough conversations and make difficult choices.
  • Respect: Treat others with honesty, dignity, and sensitivity. Value and respect diversity of cultures, ideas and experiences.
  • Fulfillment: Pursue your passion – own your personal development to reach your full potential and create the greatest value.